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        Welcome to the official website of Hangfu magnetoelectric Co. ltd!


        Mine equipmentCustomized one-stop service

        Advisory hotline:0536-3417777

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        Six advantages of ourTo provide more high-quality magnetoelectric equipment for you

        ..15 years of experience in the industry,The world 500 strong enterprise partners

        Ding GongMore than 15 yearsDedicated to the magnetic separator, magnetic separator, crusher, disc, permanent magnet vacuum filter, metal detector, grinding equipment, grinding equipment, sand stone production and processing equipment etc.More than and 30 series of more than and 200 kinds of specifications.

        ..Cutting-edge research and development team,Meet the custom needs

        Has a high quality team, at the same time with a number of national research institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation, to carry out regular technical exchanges and research trials. According to customer demand for a variety of planning programs to meet customer demand for all the custom.

        ..Cost to the extreme, give you the best price

        From the procurement of raw materials to the production process and equipment installation, through a series of optimization, quality assurance at the same time, reducing the cost to maximize the material procurement cost reduction of 10%, saving 20% artificial, material consumption is reduced by 10%, saving 30% installation.

        ..Strong production strength,Ensure timely delivery

        Have large standard workshop, a variety of fine production equipment and exquisite technical personnel and the standardization and systematization of the equipment tools, complete equipment and in the shortest time, ensure the production is excellent.

        ..Real time supervision system,Let you know of the project

        Tailored project management system allows you to view; one customer specialist, real time report for each device key point, let you know the details of each project.

        ..Provide one stop service,Let you have no worries

        7*24 hours customer service, delivery, installation, domestic and foreign direct area coverage, service reputation

        Professional after-sales service team, caring service, regular follow-up to follow up the situation, to solve all the problems for you.

        MORE+Walk into us

        Ding GongMining equipment preferred brand

        Shandong ding industry mainly produces all kinds of separator, permanent magnetic separator, magnetic separator, drawer type separator, dump separator, pipe separator, permanent magnetic roller, magnetic separator, magnetic separator etc.. A total of six series, more ...【Details】


        Sweep more wonderful!Sweep more wonderful!

        2016-2026 CIXUANJI888.COM Ding Gong 備案
        National Service Hotline:0536-3417777
        Mobile phone:13792617316
        Address:Linqu County Dongcheng Development Zone Su Shan Road